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Red Tree Specialty Coffee

Roasters of Quality Coffees

-   ABOUT US  -

Red Tree Specialty Coffee is a family run micro scale coffee roastery located in the Comox Vally. We have, from the start, been founded on principles of fairness quality and equality. We love to search for great coffees and make them available to the people of our community; coffees that are free from defects and hold distinct character qualities in the cup.

Coffee as a product is an incredibly complex and laborious thing. At countless points along the production and supply chain are opportunities for failure and taint to affect the final product. We see coffee at all points in the chain as a craft and a skill set, one in which those involved deserve to be treated as skilled crafts people and also rewarded accordingly. We do not rely on certification to achieve this but transparent relations in our sourcing methods. We have a long standing relationship with our importer and have chosen to work with them because of there dedication to sourcing great coffee and their commitment to paying very well for the coffee they buy. Because of this we are often able to tell the story of each coffee we offer, tracing back all the way the farm and farmers, sometimes even to detailed information regarding varieties grown and processing methods used. We are always happy to share these stories with our customers as it does much to enrich the experience of enjoying these unique and delicious offerings.

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